Backkk for noew!!

HELLO TO ALL AND IT has been, verylong time since I was post. BUt hey, is now an update! Since I Was take break from story. SUmmertime was long for me, and I had job- campTIME!! Was shepard to childs, made sure they stay safe. BAck i am, and was school again. MAybe last year before…senior. WHo KNOWS! AS for me, it was noticed that THEre is, new videog ame, called FREDDY FAZBAER PIZZA. I WWas hear about from manyfriend and am to ask, hOW IS? IS ppizza good, and was fungame? i AM going to buy, and play and will report to yOU ALL FIRENDS how it is. Hope to see pizza, and SMILES! LOve and all be to you my friends. MIss and maybe will write again….after HOMEWORKS! LOve me, your pirncess freind.

Princess of Pizza, You said previously that you needed a new pairing to write about. Well I have one for you! I don't know if you are into Pokemon or not, but the pairing of Professor Sycamore and Lysandre would really be the best for your writing. I hope you want to work on this. I haven't seen much of you, so I hope you're on more!! Thank you!

Hello TO YOu!!! I have,often been neglecT this web SigHT. IT is because I, Am became Addict to…FLIGHTRISING! IF you are to have this as Well, ADDME Using a username I have made up called “AQUACAT” ….Pelease to add andw e can become, dragonfriend.

ANYWAY TO YOUR QUESTION……I AM to think, is a very good idea to have write story of Scycamore and LYsander. I have played game and even THought I was not as very best trainder, I was enjoy and think They are very romance. I should WRite this to get back into to write….has been dOwn perod for me, and I am Sorry of this. KURSU-TINa, I am sorry that It has been long. YOU are maybe let down, and for me a freind, I am sorry. THAnks you for the idea, and I am decide this is juts what I need ot get the juices of me flowing……I will post Soon. IN Two week I am to go on VAction with my Dad to United State, so I will not to be able to write thEn…so to write have now is bettter. Thanks to YOU For ideA, TINna, and HOPE YOU WILL READ WHEN DONE.

LOve to me, from youre friend.

Pizza Princess! I am eagerly awaiting your next fanfiction! Please write more soon!!

oH TINNA YOU are here to Be telling me tow rite moRE???? WHAt is, PAiring yoU thiNK is woulD be lIked by All fans??? IF you IGve me idEa, I am try to wRite it soon(: THAnks for kind mesage and Pelease to riteb ack Soon. GreAT to hear FRom you, ANd love From me, FOrever Firend, PIXzza PRincess!!

hi pizza princess! how are you? i hope you're doing well! i saw a pup eating pizza today and thought of you c:

hEllo to you (: thati s, very sweeEt story YOua re to tell. Was dog to enJOy pizza?? I a m curoius! ANyway I am miss you and LAl of my Firends, Mabe I would Write again, is this a hting would be liked bY y OU?? PlEase answer and freind to me again. Miss yoU all and LIeve you, I am Well andVery happy buT sad I Have not to been writing. PLEase write baK!!! love me, youre Forever Firend, HTE pRINCESS PIZZA

did you go to new york comic con pizza princess? :D

ACTualyl no, I was not to HAve Gonet here :( bUT I AM TO LOOK AT MAYBE VISIT FIREND AND GO TO 2 MORE ANIMEconEvtionTime iN USA, CALled “SETSU CON ” and ‘KATSU CON” so iF maybe you AARe to Go to Eitehr, I will BE? ANYway, THanks for MEssage and HOpe you are havnign greattime day :) I AM shoulD write more……..maybe if Idea is cOme to me I will./…I Dea? SHare PElease!! OK Talk to YOUSOON, LOve me, the pRIzzaprincess !

i love you, youre the pizzaest happy pizzae day wowow! <3

hI And ThNKS to you :) Very kindword is, yoU are to have made up. “PIZZAeST??” NEvEr have heard beFro but, i a,m to loVE IT !!!!! THANKS BE FOR CREAte thisw ord and send tome. iT was to make happy, and smile. LOVe to you to, anonmous freind. LOve me, your pal, the pirrncEss of PIZZAEST <3

FRubuki and x YUKIMura Are TO Have Bakin Gpizza.

hELLO IS ALL, IT IS me, herre to have written a SSTOry for all. IT was gift for Firend and lOngtime fan ,inga. INGA IS GREATTO ME AND WAS SUGGEST IDEA OF, oh, you are to shoUld write inaZUMERFIC. lucky DoeS the Inag know, Actually recent was itt hat I was TO pURChase VIdeogame FOr ds calle, d, ‘INAZUMARELEVENBLIZZARD2” For the dsconsoule.  I WASs alsOS to know BEfore of the little bOyshow, but the Game was to Meke me VEry happy to get suggest. SO, OFr you INGag, it is a FIc bEtween boy: FUBUKKI AND YUKYIMURA.  BOYs are In this, and It not to bE TOo SExual, so Rating is less. buT stillm hope is CUTE and hope is ENJOY. THANks for read.

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I AM TO BE LEAVING SOON TO GO INTO CITY AND Take up tThe residence in , A Hotell. It iS  all in plan For….OTAKCONVENTION ! AS I am TO say Early, pelease to look and let know if You area lso to go, and i Will be keep OPEN EYE FOr yoU! And iF you are TO see me, Pelease to say HE’LLO!’ ANd i Will KNow it is, Firends us. I Have ALREADY TO WRITTEN UP WHAT I AM COSPLAY BUT again is: ARMNI FROM ATTACK ON TINTAN. MOTchikca from SENGoku basra on SAT. AKI FROM Misoa on SUN. HOPE to see there, and ENHOY! LOVE ME, THE FPIRNCEss oF pizza.

oooh i love attack on titan!! this excites me UuU

iF YOur e to be at OTakcon To, pLEASE TO LOOK FOR ME!! WE can do The Salute of titan tOGether, and feel Fierndship. THanks FOr take TIme and write messagte to me, Anonmouse! Love ME, COsplay PRINCEAS SOF pIzza!


hELLO IS ME, I AM not have to been onliNE  mucH reCent, For vEry busywith,….NEEW JOB I AM work. Old enough is To work, so I amt o bE make lots of MONMEY! IS niCe :)

BUT I AM HERE WITH BIGNEWS FOR me, and mAYbe For any firend WHo is TO be go to animecon called:OTAckon. IT is ConveTntoon That I Am to Visit United Amercica TO Go To. NExt WEkkend is, an Di am so Go there! WHat I am to be wear is: FIRDAY: ARMMIN FROM ATTAKC ON TITAN, SATURNdAY: MOTOCHICkKA FROM SENGOKA BASARA, SUDNAY: AKI FROM MISAO VIDEOGAME. THIS IS AL i am to be wear, and if You RAre to go to hte Contime TO pelease to see and sAy Hello because I am always to want to meet firend:)

OK I AM TO go now….MISt to get ready fro work….I Will TRy to have write fic soon to post, but lately it ish ard to wRITe and feelgood. ANYWey Talk and sEe hyou soon , LOVE ME, THE PIRNCESS OF PIZZA